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Boy Final



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Friday, 11/16/01

DONE. Check shotlist for final images.

Tuesday, 11/13/01

Shots 2,2.5,8,10,12,14,16,20 need to be rendered.

Thursday, 11/8/01

Shots 13/15 done. Do rest of shots and render!

Tuesday, 11/6/01

Shots 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/19/11/12/14 animated, do 13/15/16 for Thurs.

Thursday, 11/1/01

Shot 19/20 almost done, needs details. Do as much of 3-16 as possible.

Tuesday, 10/30/01

Shot 17/18 done, added to shot list. Do 19/20 for Thursday.

Thursday, 10/25/01

Blend shapes, IK done, need to apply to body & animate!

Tuesday, 10/23/01

Textures 90% done. Character weights need doing.

Tuesday, 10/9/01

Skeletons, boys room built, models done. Need to attach skins.

Wednesday, 10/3/01

Boy done except hair. Mother just needs tweaks. Crayon boy done. Need to do skeletons, textures.

Tuesday, 10/2/01

Boy model nearly done, same with mother, rooms done, need to add lived in look. Finish models, and start filling rooms with stuff.

Sunday, 9/30/01

Fixed shots and added finger wave, updated animatic and shot list. Started modeling set, and boy.

Tuesday, 9/25/01

I worked a while to produce a rough 3d animatic which is timed to the selected music. I've also made some headway into modelling the crayon character, defining lines which will make up his shape.

Thursday, 9/20/01

I've done some scetches for the boy, mother and drawing. I've just started modeling the boy, but at the moment its a ball with a nose and mouth. I've also picked some music that I may use with the piece.

Monday, 9/17/01

Added the storyboard with annotations and an animatic.

I came to this story from my first script of the boy at his grandmothers. I decided I like the idea of a boy getting in trouble for drawing on the wall. I've also always liked the ideas of escapism and imagination come to life. I sort of took the Bugs Bunny idea of drawing a door in the wall, then passing through. Another idea that I've been kicking around was a drawing come to life, which presents itself in the end, as a comfort to the escaping boy.

One of the things I want to concentrate on in this project is textures. I am double majoring in Illustration, and lately I've learned different techniques for making interesting textures. I'd love to apply some of those skills to an animation.

Some initial ideas I have for the look of the piece are largely based on stop motion works. Too many computer animations try to make a human realistically, and most of the time they fall short, and the models end up looking strange. Instead, I'll aim for making a character that embodies his feelings, reflecting those in his look.