Cartoony Boy Wireframes

Cartoony Boy Modeling

The low rez polygon version is made up of about 2500 polygons. There are obvious places that could be optimized to make it even more lowrez, but keep the design of the character intact. The hands are fairly detailed, for instance, and wouldn't need to have as much geometry if it were to be used in a lowrez situation. The pants also have details making up all the folds which become unnecessary in a lowrez game platform.

The high rez version of the model is SubD. One thing to note: the shirt and undershirt are one item. Everything else is fairly easy to see where the model separations are.

For step-by-step, in progress site for this model, please proceed to This page is just an overview of some of the work.

Mouth Blend Shape Animations
Head Turnaround Movie
Body Turnaround Movie
Boy Initial Design
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